Borne Rhetoric

by The Measure Of

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released May 23, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Wade Oliver at Wade's World Studios
Mastered by Adam Carrillo at The Dizzy Records
All music and lyrics by The Measure Of
Art by Johnny Cortez III



all rights reserved


The Measure Of Austin, Texas

We are no longer.

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Track Name: Sum of Misfortunes
American Dreams glow onto me
Life’s a flirt who doesn’t put out
My heart’s a tomb; buried and bound
Yet, I’ve seen my greatness flicker
But, have been left alone oh, so much quicker

Love like wine, planning your next move
Secrets wet from the morning dew
My limbs stiff at the thought of you
The “Golden Age” bruised black and blue

Sticky shells in the break of light, high noon, and the cheap, dark night

I stumble to the guilt of that quick fix
Mixtapes beat to the drums of your red lips
You were my last queen of hearts
When I last heard “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

It hit me instantly
When I took the time to breathe the Spring air
So refreshing
I swear I had seen everyone and everything
In picture-perfect synchronicity
Not confined to these physical lines
We were free, in control
But, alas, I awoke
Bitter, not broken
And we'll break away from all that is wicked, from all that deceives us
We will take hold

We took it hand in hand through these etherized streets, and I can tell you this all without fear of infamy
We made it drink by drink, laughing ‘til we weep, and I can show you this all as the moon beams over me
We gave it beat by beat under Satan’s sheets, and I can feel this all where my head pounds constantly
Track Name: The Field Only Reveals
I won’t settle in, at least, not when I have to pretend

People; they talk about it
People; they write about it
I hear and see it all
I know it exists, when will it ever begin?
No not for me, I’m no gentleman

I won’t settle in, at least, not for them

Deaf ears on all my laments, born into this deception
A portrait of vanity, the mirror won’t keep us smiling

How I lack the heart of a lion
I am not of the blood that heralds kings to the throne
Yet, my voice will not shake in its resolution
When it comes time for bricks to meet stone
This vessel treading water; castaway, alone

I won’t settle for them
Track Name: Not Even Fought
Define, define
These paths and these lines
Define, define
The road set out before me
Define, define
These muddied waters I tread
But why, oh, why
Should I come to know my own direction
When all is all the more fair and grand
As my footprints lose their affection with the sand
Track Name: Man's Folly and Despair
He hasn’t shaved in weeks
Greasy hair, dirt compact under his yellow finger nails
Cigarette breathe, whiskey dreams fill his head
Just as much say as the rats under the floorboards

He walks through giant oak doors; golden crosses, scent galore
The door slams shut mid sermon, fresh faces turn to see
The elephant in their holy room
How foul this trash interrupts our embarkment to salvation

A crisp twenty in the communion
An assessment to flee heaven and hell’s union
A young girl, golden hair in curls, blows hot and cold on this enigma
The man with his calloused hands clinched;
He arises, clears his throat, begins

He condemns their money
A cluttered mind no longer dreams
Just then he screams

"If you can buy your way to heaven, then I’ll rot in the ground"
Track Name: Battles Are Never Won
Never knowing what I want
Past and present have taught
Your goals are your own
And a stranger can’t lead you home

Fabrication assigns a label that lifts the pedestal more
The citric acid; it creeps in my pores
Under my skin, in my blood stream

It sits there
Stagnant and pathetic
It spills through and keeps me from giving myself any credit
Stagnant and pathetic;
it keeps me from everything

This vessel treading water with the tide
Bringing to the shore debilitated eyes
Body and mind consciously collecting scrapes of our wounded pride
Track Name: Victory Is an Illusion of Philosophers and Fools
Strange how bodies change,
How the time takes its toll
But we’ll never collect driving on these old roads

Here comes the world, falling like a ton of bricks
On the edge of ice and darkness
But, alas, a warm ray and a breeze from the sky

Oh, judgment

Though, the wind and the cold froze the pen for this prose, the tide will mend our hearts
Let courage flow
Though the wind and the cold froze the pen for this prose, the ice will mend our hearts
Let courage flow